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trentfordfans's Journal

Trent Ford All The Time
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Welcome to Trent Ford Fans. A place where Trent Ford fans can come together, share pictures, graphic, news, anything about Trent Ford. Now there's just some rules to follow

1. Post All pictures under an lj-cut.
2. When posting graphics, you may post graphics of other people, just make sure that there are graphic of Trent Ford in that batch.
3. NO STEALING. if you take something, please credit the person.
4. NO posts like this OmG tReNt FoRd Is SoOo HoT & i WaNnA hAvE hIs BabIeZ!!1!!$@#$%
5. You may have introduction posts, just post graphics or news in your introduction post.
6. Have Fun. & promote this community to other Trent Ford Fans.

This community is runned by ______luscious
pictures of Trent Ford can be found here

Promo Banners: put these in your userinfo if you want & promote this community using these.